Music, Theatre, & Dance: Faculty Guide to the Library: Playlists

Creating Playlists

  • We have almost 1700 CDs and 3,654 LPs from which mp3 files for Course Reserve can be created--by the Digital Studio.
  • Naxos has an app that allows authenticated patrons to play our library's playlists (all playlists that aren't blocked as private)... the iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPads, too.  
1.  Go  to Naxos Music Library database on our library website
2.  Click on Playlists
3.  Here you will need to create an account - (over to the right next to login in the Gray area entitled Student/Member playlist)
4.  After you create an account - go ahead and create a playlist - you will be the only person who can see this playlist....
5.  Once you've done this - go to the iTunes app store on your phone and download the free app...
6.  Once it's loaded it should prompt you to log in -- follow the instructions and then you can access your playlists and the playlists that any professors have posted for their students to listen to.
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