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While we prefer terms like "Tribal Nations" or "Sovereign Nations," we acknowledge that the following terms are commonly used in sources of information. Try combinations like the following search with your other topic keywords:

("native americans" or indian or indigenous or "first nations" or aborigin*) NOT (india OR indiana* OR australia*)

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Note about Peer-review

Peer review, known as a process of choosing which scholarly or academic articles get published, is deeply rooted in bias. The scholarly world is small, so reviewers often know who has written a submitted article, even if the author has taken care to anonymize it (remove identifying names and characteristics). This can be used to choose work that reflects the reviewer's biases and perpetuate the publication of known "experts."

As an example, listen to or read:

The politics of citation: Is the peer review process biased against Indigenous academics? CBC Radio · Kyle Powys Whyte is a professor at Michigan State University, and Sarah Hunt is an assistant professor of First Nations and Indigenous Studies at University of British Columbia. Both have experienced first hand how difficult the peer review process can be for Indigenous academics."

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