Native Americans: Education

Tribal Nations in North America / Turtle Island

Education Resources

Residential Schools

Native American Schools

Resources for settlers*

*Those of us who are not from Tribal Nations in Turtle Island / the Americas. "The term 'settler' refers to members of dominant groups, predominantly European heritage, White cultural groups" (Williams, 2019).

Decolonization = recovering and cultivating the cultural, socio-economic, political, and/or spiritual knowledge and ways of being following the colonization; changing the “reality” imposed by colonizers.

Colonization = the terrorism of taking Indigenous nations and resources, annihilating their ways of knowing, assassinating, enslaving, and “reeducating” peoples.

Williams, H. (2019), Toward Being Inclusive: Intentionally Weaving Online Learning, Reconciliation, and Intercultural Development. Teaching and Learning, 2019: 59-76. DOI:10.1002/tl.20330

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