Content Style Guide: Lists

One of the best ways to ensure that our website is user-friendly is to follow industry best practices, keep the content focused on key user tasks, and keep our content up-to-date at all times.

Use numbered lists for explaining sequential steps.

Use bulleted lists to group like items together or to simplify lengthy and dense paragraphs.

Lists with full sentences: capitalize the first word of each list item and use a period at the end.

(Don’t end with semicolons, commas, “or” or “and.”)


How to renew a book:
1) Click "My Account" in the header.
2) Enter username and password.
3) Select checkboxes next to items.
4) Click "renew selected items."

Lists of items: capitalize the first word of each bullet but don’t use punctuation at the end.


Request & Delivery Services:
• Interlibrary Loan
• DocExpress
• Campus delivery

Manually creating lists in HTML

If you need to create a list outside of a WYSIWYG editor, please follow the following HTML guidelines. (You can also learn more about using HTML at Codecademy, a free site full of great tutorials on web development and programming.)

Unordered lists:

Use the <ul> element to start an unordered list, and then use the <li> element to start each list item. (Don't forget to close your list items and the list when you're done! You can close an item with a closing tag, like </ul> or </li>.)

<li>A list item</li>
<li>Another list item</li>
<li>One more list item</li>

  • A list item
  • Another list item
  • One more list item

Ordered lists:

Ordered lists are just like unordered lists, except you use the <ol> element.

<li>A list item</li>
<li>Another list item</li>
<li>One more list item</li>

  1. A list item
  2. Another list item
  3. One more list item

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