Materials for Engineers: Concrete & Aggregates

Locating Sources on Concrete & Aggregates

Concrete-based materials and aggregates are widely used in construction applications.  Both are subsets of composite materials and include many mined materials.

In the GVSU Libraries catalog, relevant subjects include:

  • Concrete (includes many sub-headings and related terms)
  • Building Materials (includes concrete and many other materials)
  • Aggregates (Building materials) (includes many sub-headings and related terms; Aggregates on its own can refer to mathematical constructs)
  • Concrete products by primary material component, e.g. Asphalt Concrete or Polymer-impregnated Concrete
  • Concrete or aggregate components or binders, e.g. Gravel, Sand, Slag, or Cement
  • Construction techniques, e.g. Shotcrete or Stone (Cast)
  • Concrete-based products or constructions, e.g. Concrete Beams or Concrete Bridges
  • Properties or issues, e.g. Concrete--Fracture or Concrete--Permeability
  • Concrete structures, e.g. Hoover Dam (Ariz. and Nev.) or Fallingwater (Pa.)
  • Individual or groups of architects, engineers, and others who created concrete structures, e.g. Civil Engineers--Great Britain--Biography

Articles And Index Databases

Relevant materials are also available in the broader index and abstract databases listed on the Articles & Databases page.

Handbooks And Other References

Other Sources

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