Materials for Engineers: Metals

Locating Sources on Metals

In the GVSU Libraries catalog, relevant subjects include:

  • Metals
  • Alloys
  • Metallurgy - also a subheading for specific metals such as gold or iron
  • Specific metals – Aluminum, Copper, or Neodymium; each metal has multiple subheadings, which may address alloys, specific properties, and behaviors
  • Groups of metals, e.g. Nonferrous Metals or Transition Metals
  • Properties of metals, e.g. Metals--Electric Properties or Metals–Optical Properties
  • Behaviors of metals, e.g. Metals–Corrosion Fatigue or Metals–Fracture

Articles And Index Databases

Relevant materials are also available in the broader index and abstract databases listed on the Articles & Databases page.

Handbooks And References

Other Sources

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