CAP 115: Research Basics for Advertising and PR: Evaluating info

Research Basics for Advertising and Public Relations

Fact Checking to Evaluate Information

The keys are to:

1.         Look for independent information about the creator/s, funding, opinions or viewpoints, and statements

2.         Spend more time double-checking facts externally rather than using time to look at the original site (original source of information)

3.         Delay clicking: spend time to skim the results after you search; read bits and pieces before choosing to click any link--did this help?

4.         Use these techniques with all types of information – how can you do this with books? Videos? Articles?

*Nygren, T., & Guath, M. (2019). Swedish teenagers’ difficulties and abilities to determine digital news credibility. Nordicom Review, 40(1), 23-42.

Evaluating & Fact checking Resources

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